A Life Changing System

The Wife Life Institute™ is the first, bible based transformational personal development school for women who want to create fulfilling, lasting relationships and rewarding lives.



Our Mission

To create a learning environment for the preparation and sustaining of healthy woman with lasting loving marriage relationships.

Heidi Stampley is the founder of Wife Life. Having been married for almost 24 years and giving birth to five children wonderful children. Heidi understands what it means to keep a marriage thriving and build a happy home.

Through her own journey, Heidi felt called to create a process to shorten the journey for other women suffering from the inability to create emotionally safe and fulfilling intimate relationships. She discovered, in fact, that creating this process was truly the mission of her soul and purpose.

The Process

Drawing on her personal experiences and professional training —
including her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing , Global Ambassador Special
Envoy to United Nations, serial entrepreneurship, and countless
counseling and development sessions with woman- she developed a
process to accelerate results by (i) uncovering what exactly is
keeping them stuck, (ii) releasing it finally for the last time, and (iii) reviving
so that they start the journey to lasting love within a three month period.

Why it Works

The Institute uses an interactive approach that connects research and bible-based training and teaching that is highly experiential in nature so that beliefs, feelings, and behaviors are explored holistically (i.e., spiritually, the whole self – somatic, emotional, intuitive, and cognitive). Brain science research has discovered that new neurological pathways will only be “recorded” if multiple aspects of the self are involved. 

Once a woman has installed a new code based on biblical and research based training she will also have the ability to create intimacy through vulnerability, communication, and problem-solving skills, and create beautiful love things in the process.

The Results

The fact is this: Therapy and personal development are great tools, but
training in the skills needed to rise to the occasion in marriage and loving
relationships takes training. Get ready for the shift to 
 NEW levels of joy.

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